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Publicado por JoaoBalogun

– que publicou 2 textos no ONE.

Sou uma pessoa com muitos sonhos

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Day December 15, 2013, I woke up around 8:30 am because it was going to have a football game, who knew that this day would be a day that would provide me several events in the future. My game is over, and went to my town (Olhão). That very day, I can get 3 tickets for Olhanense vs Benfica game for the First Portuguese League. In these games between these two clubs, my heart is something I share, I never know in whom I will cheer, but my heart pulls over to the side of Benfica. I then see this game with 2 family, my father and my uncle. Then started the game, and after a few minutes my father says:

– That number 21 of the Olhanense, looks good player. – Said my father.

Right after he said this phrase, I began to pay more attention to that player, and in fact … he made the difference when he received the ball, and noticed immediately that was left-handed, which I and my father are. Both have a fascination for left-handed players like Maradona, Messi, Futre, Di Maria, Gaitan, Matic and other …

And in this game, Olhanense start earning 1-0, and the number 21 was precisely that scored, and something happened to me that suddenly I felt a great admiration for him … I went to the internet and went to see …

– The 21 Olhanense called Femi Balogun !! – I said.

It was noted that it was clearly a player with a much higher quality than others, and also for being left-handed, as I am, has grown this fascination for him, and quickly became one of my idols.

– The Maxi Pereira will have a difficult night, with that end of Olhanense – said my uncle. And all who are football fans and see the Portuguese league know that Maxi is the best side league (in my opinion), and that’s what happened, the Femi Balogun did what he wanted Maxi, are completely different players, Femi is quite fast, not so much … Maxi Maxi is a clash of player is more aggressive, the Femi less so.

He ended the game, and Benfica won 3-2, I was glad my Benfica have won, but sad for my Olhanense have lost, but I left amazed by the player Femi Balogun.

– I really enjoyed the end of Olhanense – I said, already in the car.

– I also liked the Maxi has not had an easy night – replied my father.

Starting that day, it went crazy. There was one day said to his name, shared this desire to know him or have only a blouse with my friends, many of my friends have become even fans of Femi without knowing it only just hear me about it. Was on school breaks we play to the ball we would tell his name, was in class, I wondered if the teachers knew him, we got to go to the front room because we are talking about it, among other situations.

However Olhanense relegated that year, was relegated to the Second League, and went to see the second time this my idol play live, not going much to the stadium because when Olhanense was in first games went on Sport TV. So this game was a Olhanense vs Birds, and again another great game of it. There was a detail or two that left me open-mouthed, it seemed that every move he made, made me increasingly be his idol.

The desire to see the Olhanense games, were often to see my team play, but above all the fact that he go play, and see it, it was worth paying the ticket. For me there is no greater joy if he would give me the shirt, that’s what both wanted at that time. I started to do various publications on Facebook, texts about it, among other things, and identified him, he decerteza he saw and knew who I was.

One day Olhanense played against keys and went with my father again see the Olhanense, and it would be for him the second time I’d see the Femi play, and in this game the Femi brand again, and Olhanense won 3-0 one of the candidates to the division of ascent.

– I have come to see more Olhanense games. Whenever I come to Balogun I speak both brand always – said my father.

One day I was walking by Faro, and suddenly eye to the other side of the road and who was it? … He was my idol. I did not know what to do, it was impossible to talk to him, it is Nigerian and speaks English, and I know not speak well this language was so nervous I could not even ask if we could take a picture, I gave him a handshake and I close, I was delighted to have been there with him even if it was for a short time, and I see him entering the “Western Union” store. I was glad to have been with him, but sad for not happened all, even if it was a photograph.

We spent two weeks Olhanense play at their stadium against the first ranked Tondela, a very important game. I was disappointed when I entered the stadium and saw that Femi was on the bench, came only after 60 minutes, and even made the assistance to three goals. The Olhanense win, and I get out of the stadium. Little did I know that the players would offer sweaters, and I unknowingly went to the outside of the stadium. After a few minutes, I see my cousin out of the stadium and ask:

– So? Where and what tavas? The Balogun wanted to give you the shirt! – Said my cousin

– What? They were offering blouses? – I said

I was very sad, it was the end of time, and I felt I had lost the greatest opportunity of having the sweater you wanted so badly, I was devastated. Still had a glimmer of hope, because there was the last game of the season at home.

Then came the day of the last game, I woke up determined, knowing that was either that day or never. The game was against Atletico CP, was the last game of the season the team farewell game. The game ends and desco the stairs to run, and I see Femi strip blouse, still tried to call him but … he offered it to a child. I could not get much wanted, had to be content to have found it on the street, something told me he was leaving at the end of the day, which made me somewhat sad.

After 1 or 2 months, since the training for the new season Olhanense had begun, and I knew that Femi yet here he was, but was not worth it, because the players in training do not use the official jerseys with the behind the name, or the number. One day I was passing in front of the José Arcanjo (Olhanense Stadium), and I see Femi accompanied by someone else, and thought to myself: You have to be now.

– A photo can be? – I asked him

– Yes yes! – He replied.

I handed the phone to the person who accompanied him there and took the picture. I was delighted, for taking a picture with him, I was not what I wanted, but if he left for another club, have contented myself with photography. After about three days, I went with my cousin to see the training of Olhanense. I entered the stadium, yet was just mister Cristiano Bacci preparing training, and were coming players on the pitch … the Femi goes, look at the counter, see me and call me, I see him do sign to come down, I I found myself looking around to make sure it was me he was calling me.

– Driving the Final, sweater – he said

– What? – I said

– At the end of training I give you the shirt. – He said

I was delighted, it was a dream come true, what I wanted so badly would be held. The training seemed like forever, never over, was ansionso, but something told me it would happen something else, because he was not training with play blouse, and I do not believe he offered me the training blouse. And finally, the training ends. And I was waiting for him to come, he began to touch a ball, disguise, waiting for all players come out to see me speak.

– I shower … shower – he said

– OK OK! – I said

– Go behind it to the stadium – he said.

And I went to the rear of the stadium waiting for him … after 10 minutes I see him coming, and I was a nervous wreck, I see it coming, and I to him. And he lived in the building behind the stage, and I see him get the keys to your building and open the door, I thought he was going up, and I kept waiting for the sweater cha below.

– Go Go – he said.

I could not believe what I was hearing, I would be in the house of my idol, my heart was pounding. As you have your idols, Ronaldo, Messi, Ibrahimovic, Neymar, Hazard, Iniesta, Ribery, Robben, Musa, Di Maria etc … imagine yourself in the house of each one. I could not say anything, we climbed the stairs, entered the house and he went to the room where he had the umbrella fact, sought and gave me the game Blouse and game shorts, I could not tell you anything, just I thanked him, wished him a good time, I gave him a hug and walked out … I went downstairs and it was him on the terrace telling me goodbye. What both wanted done better than the ecommendation, it was one of the happiest days of my life. And starting this day, whenever he and I saw on the street, we were going to talk to each other, can not imagine the felicade I felt when he addressed me in the street to talk to me, I could not believe it, I became friend My own idol.

And yesterday, which was made official his departure from Olhanense for another club, I was sad of course by to see him leave, but happy because I know that for him will be better, certainly know one day I’ll get to see him, I trust fully in it . I can only thank him for what he did to me, no doubt will be remembered forever in my life, and I’m sure for him too. Thanks idol!


(sorry for the mistakes. translate!)


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